About Us

Entelyglobal Vision

To be a leading consulting firm that cares about business needs and helps them achieve their strategic goals by delivering reliable and innovative solutions.

Entelyglobal Mission

To provide bookkeeping solutions specially designed for startups, strategic financial solutions and tax strategies for growing business houses enabling the owners/leaders to focus on operations without worrying about the day to day Accounting/ compliance.

To provide efficient & effective value-added support services to CPAs & accounting firms that translates into establishing a moat for them resulting in sustainable growth & a competitive edge.

To empower our clients to scale newer horizons & achieve excellence by ensuring timely deliverables & valuable insight through our innovative financial solutions customized to meet the specific requirements of every business with a special focus on consistent quality while empowering our employees through continuous training & development to constantly challenge the status quo with creative solutions to achieve & exceed customer expectations.

We are guided & inspired by our core values:

  • Customer comes first
  • Create what’s next
  • Do what’s right
  • Speak the truth
  • Trust is golden
  • Value for money
  • Strive to be the best
  • Gratitude & give back

Entelyglobal corporate social responsibility program (CSR) :

We give back 1% of our profits to charitable foundations like Akashyapatra, Give India etc., in India where we operate from.

We provide services to many not for profit entities in the USA, Canada and EU for free or at our near break even cost. We see it as giving back to countries where our customers are based.

About Entelyglobal logo and how it is designed to reflect how we service our clients :

Timely Delivery
We stick by our promised turn around time(TAT) at all times which is considered standard across the industry & have one of the best track records in the industry for in time delivery.

Where it is truly out of our control which is seldom, we make it a point to proactively keep you updated on the status so you know when to expect the deliverable

Economy of Service
We enable our clients to take advantage of our cost-efficient services which are one of the best in the industry as it comes with efficient processes, guaranteed quality with consistency & flexible Pricing models ensuring value for your money

Efficient Process
We start by understanding your processes, review them & make recommendations to make it simplified & efficient in line with management’s objectives, promoting operational efficiency.

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity

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