US Tax filings for individuals and businesses (Corporations, LLC, etc.,)

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Who We Are

We are a US Accounting and Taxation service firm and have more than ten years of experience in managing accounts of the companies and having offices in the US and India.
Led by US CPAs Authorized to practice before IRS and states and can represent you.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are a CPA firm, ready to handle end-to-end after incorporation and all compliances as well from incorporation services to filing income taxes and sales taxes.

  • We do both Business taxes and Individual taxes

  • We are very cost-effective and available in Indian timings to answer your questions.

  • We have direct lines of communication with the IRS in case of any issues

  • We have in-house Chartered Accountants so we can plan both US and Indian tax advice and guide you best for cross-border tax planning.

  • Fast 2 business days response for all your queries.

  • We are also available on Whatsapp and Telegram to answer any questions faster.

Our Certifications

End to End US Compliance

Setting up US LLC via firstbase or other websites is just half the battle knowing what compliances are needed after and paying costly US-based CPAs who don’t know anything about cross-border or foreign-owned businesses is pitiful, reach us your one stop place for all US compliance and tax needs.

How We Deliver Financial Services



We start by asking the right questions about you and your needs, so we can recommend services that best suit your needs.


Based on the results of first step. We tailor our world-class processes, policies and technology to suit your specific needs.


We will assign a team, from our staff of certified and experienced financial professionals. Every expert team member is hand-selected and ready to go from day one.


Our main goal is to deliver you financial clarity, so you can make informed decisions. We provide you best resources to gain insight in your business.

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity

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