Controller Services

Outsourced controller services to reduce your non-operating costs and improve financial decision-making

As the business starts to scale up, shrewd business houses tend to focus more time & energy on the operations that generate revenue & outsource their non-core functions. Bookkeeping & compliance is one such function which if handled in-house could consume most of your valuable time which could otherwise be directed towards revenue generating operations. If you have come to realize that your existing system is not producing the desired data/insights which is vital for financial decision making, maybe it’s time to outsource your controller function.

Outsourcing your controller services will help you reduce staffing costs, saves time and increase business efficiency.We are a team of qualified accounting professionals & experts with years of rich experience in different industries. You will gain access to collective experience of our entire team of experts. Our team provides you with timely insights, reports & analysis which in turn enables you to make smart business decisions.

Choose us & reap the rich benefits of outsourcing

  • Save your valuable time
  • Reduce employee costs
  • Increase efficiency & effectiveness
  • Access to timely, accurate & reliable reporting on demand
  • Analysis & recommendations

We are flexible and will focus only on what works for you

It’s natural for CEOs & CFOs to be skeptical about using outsourced services which in itself is a strategic decision. The concerns about the service provider having enough understanding of client’s business, data security, control and commitment from the outsourcing organization is totally justified. At Entelyglobal, we ensure that before getting started, we not only understand your business, but also your goals and vision. We have established strong data security & management controls to ensure that your data is safe with us. We will work as your team, and provide you the data, reports, analysis, and guidance on demand and leave the financial decision making process to you. We are flexible and open to serve you as support to your existing controller or assume the entire role of controller in case you decide to do so.

We as your controller:
We Entelyglobal, as your controller will bring to the table our brand of service & work with one goal of bringing about efficiency & accuracy in financial management that would take you to the next level of financial decision making process. We recognize the uniqueness of each business & their changing requirements from time to time. Our team of experts ensure that compliance functions are taken care of smoothly and your management has ample resources to base their financial decisions on.

Scope of service:

  • Management reporting
  • Transactional processing oversight & review
  • Review of existing systems of internal controls & recommendation
  • Policy & procedures guidance and adherence
  • Timely payroll
  • Reports on demand
  • Monthly close reporting and reviews
  • Compliance (state and federal)
  • Employee and vendor communication
  • Audit support

Accounting service is a part of our “Finance Solutions” trio model. If you are looking for other financial services, please explore our “Controller Services” or “CFO services”.

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity

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