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Business houses typically find themselves transitioning between different stages of growth requiring services of experienced CFO where once the services of controller/accountant would have sufficed to handle the financial function. CFO essentially works with the historical data but uses it as a tool that enables him to be a strategic partner to the CEO.
In a nutshell, CFO has a deeper understanding of the financial aspect of the business, does an in-depth analysis of the financials & provides the necessary guidance to the owners in terms of projected future course of business, what financial strategy to implement & how to reduce waste & improve profitability.

Why Entelyglobal as your CFO?

Emerging businesses need assistance with wider range of challenges including decision on the right mix of capital structure, sourcing of funds, optimum utilization of funds, cash flow projections & management, working capital management, managing risk, business modeling & forecasting etc.,

We @ Entelyglobal recognize that financial function is a sensitive one & need a specialist to handle it with care. We take pride in our team which is richly bestowed with the experiences of US CPAs & CMAs who have years of experience working exclusively on similar projects. Our clientele are from different industries, different financial backgrounds, and at different stages of growth whom we have helped to maneuver through the challenges presented by every stage of growth & have helped them to manage the challenges & scale up their businesses.

Scope of services

We are actively involved at every stage of business growth with our solutions including:

  • Inception stage
  • Business modeling
  • Revenue forecast & cash flow projections
  • Projections on capital requirement & analysis
  • Establishing accounting & reporting structure
  • Price analysis & devising optimum pricing solutions

Funding stage:

  • Exploring funding avenues in-line with business objectives
  • Business & financial overview for investors
  • Putting together investor pitch deck
  • Assistance with business negotiations
  • Finance representation at investor meetings

Deployment stage:

  • Strategic planning for application of funds
  • Operational budgeting & forecasting
  • Actual financial performance vs budgeted-reporting and analysis
  • Investor communication
  • Establishing advanced KPIs & their measurement
  • Board meeting representation

M&A deals:

  • Evaluation of risks & rewards of the deal
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation & pricing the deal
  • Post-transaction integration

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity