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Reliable, accurate and scalable back-office services for CPAs and accounting firms

End-to-end solutions for CPA services and accounting firms that promote sustainable growth and help firms remain competitive.

How we help your firm?

At the core of a CPA/Accounting firm’s success is the ability to compile and analyze accurate financial data and records for their clients. The challenge becomes a balancing act between ensuring organized “clean books” for clients, and delivering strategic analysis and counsel on those numbers, with the former often consuming a majority of your team’s time.

Our team of experienced accounting professionals helps to address these issues for CPA firms and operates as an extension of their firm. Our combined expertise in accounting and technology helps to streamline aspects of CPA firms’and CPA services as evidenced by the solutions we provide.

CPA firms and businesses are discovering that outsourcing CPA services will save payroll, overhead cost and it is a giant step in freeing up valuable time.

We understand that CPA/Accounting firms have pressing requirements for meeting deadlines as they take up projects with a lot of backlogs or requiring a lot of compilations of different reports to meet the needs of their clients. We play a crucial role here as many of these requirements come at the last moment & retaining/onboarding new client depends on the success of the Project. We here @ Entelyglobal come across such challenging and critical projects regulary & have helped our clients to not only retain their clients but also scale up. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed & expand. Of course, our consistency with these projects has helped us to scale up as wel🙂

The services we provide to CPA/Accounting firms include:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual write-up services, data entry, account reconciliations, and general ledger review for accuracy.
  • Catch-up and clean-up services:- Write-up, review and correction of books and records.
  • Accounting software conversions:- Conversions from Quickbooks desktop or other accounting software to Quickbooks online or Xero.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):- full service outsourcing of accounting and tax preparation functions.
  • Accounting reviews and compilations :- Services done by our in-house US CPAs and US CMAs.
  • Tax return preparation:- Preparation of 1120, 1120S, 1065 and related 1040 and 1041s using Software like Lacerte, Drake, Tax Slayer, Turbo Tax etc.

Tools and software we are familiar with and use daily to support CPA services and accounting firms

Why should you choose our accounting outsourcing firm

Below are the top 6 reasons to outsource your client bookkeeping and tax works to us.

Plain and simple, we offer high-quality bookkeeping/tax support work in the online and offline hours as well and are cost effective.

Key Benefits

In-House Bookkeeper


Available full time  

Overnight delivery

Offload non-core function

High-quality bookkeeping

Reduced overheads

Diversify your customers

Available full time

Outsourcing to us will get you full-time employees. Depending on the package we can provide you back up also.

Overnight delivery

As we work in a different time zone, we can complete the work by the time you return to the office.

Offload non-core function

By outsourcing the functions to us, you can concentrate on acquiring new business as well as building a relationship with existing clients.

High quality CPA services

Our clients are handled by a team of accounting professionals having a level of expertise. We are very serious about the quality of our services our client retention ratio is more than 95%.

Reduced overheads

Not only do you save on salary but also you have no overhead, management, hiring or training cost when you opt to outsource. The overall savings can be 60-70%. You save on all these costs when you use our services.

Diversify your customers
As we support many industries and clients using different accounting and tax software, you can diversify your customers without much R&D and training requirements.

 “Only 5% of the global population lives in the USA, Which means 95% of our potential market is outside the USA. We need to stay engaged with the rest of the world to keep those markets opened to our farmers, our service industry and our manufacturers – to businesses like yours.”

Treasury Secretary John Snow, Speech to the Cincinnati Businesses

For over 20 years, fortune 500 companies have used outsourcing as a strategy, Now you too can tap into reduced overhead and focused sales efforts just like they do.

Begin by asking this question –

“If today was my first day in business, Would I begin by building the staff and infrastructure to do this task or would I look to find someone else who could do it better or cheaper.

Entelyglobal CPA/Accounting firm services models

Our accounting solutions and financial record preparation can be presented to a firm’s clients as a referral or private label, packaged under the CPA firm’s name, depending on your preference.


CPA firms refer Entelyglobal to their clients to manage tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting services.
This streamlines the firm’s involvement and ensures that the client’s financial records will be accurate and consistent. Entelyglobal will share a certain amount of monthly billing to the CPA firm for the referral.

Private Label (White label)

The CPA firm leverages Entelyglobal’s services and solutions as needed to meet client needs, but the relationship is entirely managed by the firm with little to no interaction between Entelyglobal and the end client.

Entelyglobal functions as a back office of the CPA firm, and any work or reporting is performed and labeled as the firm’s work.

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity

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