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Avail & benefit from our finance solutions:

Finance function is touted as the most critical function for businesses where money involved is large, risks are high and impact of the decisions made is huge. A folly in decision could set back the organisation by several years. Hence, it becomes imperative for the accounting & finance function to operate effectively to deliver timely & clear insights into the performance which is clearly the need of the hour for many ambitious leaders. Businesses won’t be able to meet their goals if they keep employing wrong people, play with inefficient processes and use obsolete systems. For decision making, the managements require appropriate & sufficient information from time to time generated by applying strong financial basics, in-depth reporting & taking into account advanced KPI’s which happens to be our strong suit under the service line finance solutions.

As a decision support system:
Decisions can’t be impulsive or based on emotions but should be based on factual data & analysis. Business leaders tend to go with their gut feeling when they don’t have access to the reliable data in one place. With out financial services, We ensure the management has enough data & analysis readily available in one place to help them take calculated risks & make appropriate decisions in the prevailing circumstances.

As a flexible system which factors in the future requirements:
The information requirements change as the business goes through its growth phases & the information or details which were considered to be sufficient earlier may not continue to be the same. The business dynamics change, so does the reporting requirements. We are familiar with the changing system & reporting requirements every business goes through & have equipped ourselves to provide our clients with the required flexibility as needed.

As an empowering tool:
Financial strategies are equally important as the operational strategies. By providing the strategic guidance on the right financial models, systems, & procedures to the management, we help businesses steer in the right direction by knowing what is working or will work & what is not.

Promoting efficiency & time saving:
The management would want to focus on planning & decision making rather than taking care of the mundane tasks of record keeping, compliance, taxes, and managing vendors & customer accounts. When these tasks are taken care by an outsider, it brings an element of transparency, independence and timely execution which tend to be inherently missing when done in-house.

Growth Focus:
To sustain growth, every business need to constantly look for & en-cash all the business opportunities & be alert to any threats or challenges. While strategic alliances could be looked into, thorough due diligence & feasibility study is a prerequisite before one could venture into such possibilities. Here, we provide you with the support that would help you analyse the pros & cons of each potential deal.

Financial Expertise:
Finance function being crucial to the business, it is best left to the experts. You can easily avail the financial expertise by outsourcing financial planning solutions to our experts here while maintaining your core-team to co-ordinate with.

Risk Management:
It’s possible to de-risk by building scenarios for each decision which would be possible only when the finer details of the deals & decisions are looked into. This is possible only when the business has robust financial reporting system & business strategy optimizer which analyses each scenario & provides the visibility into the prospects of each alternative.

Our "Finance as service" solutions provide both Accounting & finance solutions catering to your regular information needs through our:

  • Daily & periodic financial information collection & reporting
  • Regular financial management
  • Statutory reporting & filing
  • Strategic analysis & planning solutions


We try to cover every area which ensure that accurate & reliable decision making tools are available to the management enabling them to execute with confidence. We solely focus on one goal i.e. eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity & profitability by:

  • Establishing or redefining the accounting processes & tools
  • Tracking & monitoring revenue, expenses, assets, & liabilities through our accounting solutions
  • Evaluating the internal control & recommending solutions for the prevention of fraud & errors
  • Reports on demand to the management & stakeholders providing better visibility on the progress & outcome of their decisions
  • Ensuring smooth & timely statutory compliance through payments & filings
  • Building business & revenue models
  • AR, AP, and inventory management
  • Establishing budgets & staying on course with regular monitoring & comparison with actuals
  • Cash flow forecasting & management
  • Recommendations on sourcing of funds & their efficient application
  • Providing Support services on M&A

Finance solutions from Entelyglobal

At Entelyglobal, we provide accounting, controller and virtual CFO services with proven processes to give executives a dashboard view of company performance plus the ability to invoice customers and pay bills all in one place.

Delivering far more value than outsourced accounting, which often just provides glorified bookkeeping with compliance based reporting, our finance solutions gives clients—like your organization—enterprise-level financial visibility and control at a fraction of the cost and time required to setup and manage an internal finance team and infrastructure.

You also get management reporting that tells you how your business is actually performing financially. We can have you up and running in 30 days with minimal impact to your company, delivering real value including:

  • Process and controls: We implement proven processes and controls to increase efficiency and speed to market.
  • Right people: We can combine virtual CFO, controller and accounting services with proven processes that give executives a dashboard view of how their company is performing as well as the ability to invoice customers and pay bills.
  • Saving time: We free up your top people from dealing with time-consuming financial activities and allow them to focus on strategic goals.
  • Financial visibility: With comprehensive financial reporting, you can make decisions based on a clear picture of your financial standing.
  • Poised for growth: We deliver a new paradigm; a finance department that is an enabler of growth — not a constraint.

See Entelyglobal in action and find out how we can help you achieve financial clarity

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